April Book Club: The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett

Our April Book Club selection is The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett, a comedy novella featuring the Platinum Queen, Elizabeth II (and her Platinum Corgis).

A Book Discussion on The Uncommon Reader will be held at Anderson Public Library on Tuesday, April 26th from 6:00 – 7:00 pm. Each person who registers for the book discussion event will be entitled to a free copy of the book, available to pick up at the APL circulation desk.

Publisher’s description:

“In this deliciously funny novella that celebrates the pleasure of reading, the Uncommon Reader is none other than Her Majesty the Queen who drifts accidentally into reading when her corgis stray into a mobile library parked at Buckingham Palace. She reads widely (J. R. Ackerley, Jean Genet, Ivy Compton Burnett, and the classics) and intelligently. Her reading naturally changes her world view and her relationship with people such as the oleaginous prime minister and his repellent advisers. She comes to question the prescribed order of the world, and loses patience with much that she has to do. In short, her reading is subversive. The consequence is, of course, surprising, mildly shocking and very funny. With the poignant and mischievous wit of The History Boys, England’s best loved author revels in the power of literature to change even the most uncommon reader’s life.”

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