MakerSpace Policies

  • Members are required to hold a valid Anderson Public Library card in good standing to reserve a session in the MakerSpace/Memory Lab. 
  • Reserving member must be 18 years or older. 
  • No food or drink is allowed in the space.
  • No more than 6 people are allowed to be in the space at one time.
  • Anyone under 18 in the space must be supervised by the reserving member at all times.
  • MakerSpace and Memory Lab equipment cannot be moved and must be used only within the MakerSpace room.
  • The reserving member is responsible for anyone else they bring in to the space during their session, and assumes liability for any injury to people or damage to property that occurs in the space during their session.
  • The reserving member assumes liability for any damage or loss to personal belongings, equipment, or media they bring in to the space.
  • The reserving member must report any accident, injury, or equipment failure that occurs in the space during their session to library staff immediately.
  • All costs to repair or replace broken equipment will be charged to the reserving member’s library card account. The option to repair or replace equipment will be made at the sole discretion of the library.
  • All MakerSpace users must follow the posted library code of conduct. Excessive loudness, profanity, or other inappropriate actions may result in termination of the session.
  • Privacy is not guaranteed.
  • Anyone over 18 must give their written consent and sign a waiver of rights before being photographed or recorded in the space.
  • Anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian present, and the parent/guardian must give their written consent and sign a waiver of rights, before being photographed or recorded in the space.
  • The Reserving member is responsible for the maintenance of the files created and transferred to their personal storage device(s) in the MakerSpace after their session has ended.  Library-owned storage devices will be cleared between sessions, and the library cannot guarantee that backup files will be kept on library computers or equipment.
  • 3D Printer: Library staff will review every object file before it is printed, and the library reserves the right to refuse any 3D print request. The Library is not responsible for failed 3D prints and cannot guarantee for printing accuracy or correctness.
  • 3D Printer: Due to the amount of time it takes to print an object, the number of requests received and staff availability, the library will not guarantee that a print job will be ready on a specific day and may take an extended time to complete.
  • At its sole discretion, the Anderson Public Library may temporarily or permanently suspend member access to the MakerSpace.  Library staff also reserves the right to end or pause a session for any reason.

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