MakerSpace Studio Guidelines of Use

  1. The member requesting to use the Maker Space Studio, hereafter referred to as “Studio Director,” must have a current and valid Anderson Public Library Card.
  2. The Studio Director must complete an application and necessary training certification to use the Maker Space Studio.
  3. The Studio Director, who must be eighteen (18) years or older, must schedule the training certification and Maker Space Studio at least two weeks in advance of requested use date. Certification training dates and availability of the studio are not guaranteed. Applicants will be notified of certification training session openings if or when they become available.
  4. No more than six (6) people are allowed to be in the studio at one time.
  5. No more than three (3) people, hereafter referred to as “Operators,” which includes the studio director, may operate the equipment at one time. In addition to the studio director, all other operators must also attend the necessary certification training as required by the application and hold valid and current Anderson Public Library Cards.
  6. All operators must be eighteen (18) years or older.
  7. The Studio Director and Operators will be required to attend a training certification session at least once a year or if new equipment is added that they wish to use.
  8. No more than three (3) people, hereafter referred to as “Talent,” may be recorded in front of the studio equipment at any one time.
  9. All Talent must sign a waiver of rights, releasing the library, its staff, and Board of Trustees from any claims of injury from the production created by the Studio Director or Operators.
  10. Any Talent under eighteen (18) years old must have the waiver signed by a parent/guardian and have the parent/guardian present during production.
  11. All persons entering the Maker Space Studio must sign in each time. The Studio Director and Operators will confirm whether there are any new regulations or guidelines of use.
  12. The Studio Director and Operators must not allow anyone not authorized, to use the Library owned studio equipment. Authorization requires completion of the Maker Space Studio application and certification training.
  13. All Maker Space Studio equipment must be used only within the studio room and will require an authorized Library staff member to check out and setup the equipment for use and must be checked in before use by another Studio Director.
  14. The Studio Director must avoid unnecessary noise, mess, or damage by anyone while in the studio. No food or drink is allowed in the studio.
  15. The production, as managed by the Studio Director, must follow all local, state, and federal laws, including copyright, patent, and trademark laws. The Studio Director assumes all responsibility to follow all applicable laws.
  16. If the Studio Director or Operators use equipment that is not owned by the Library, hereafter referred to as “external equipment,” the Studio Director assumes all liability for damage or loss to the external equipment and Library equipment from use of the external equipment.
  17. Studio Director is required to copy all files from cameras, audio recorders, and other devices to his/her own external storage device attached to the studio computer. All files from Library owned equipment will be cleared at the end of the session and cannot be recovered. The Library, its staff, and trustees are not responsible for any damages caused by destruction of files because of equipment failure or clearing at the end of each session.
  18. No external equipment, except for external storage device attached to the studio computer, may be electrically, digitally, or otherwise attached or linked with any Library owned equipment without approval from a qualified Library staff member.
  19. The Studio Director may only create one copy of his/her production from the studio computer using self provided blank DVD or CD. The Studio Director may not solicit copies of the production on Library grounds.
  20. The Studio Director and Operators must report all accidents and equipment failures to Library staff immediately.
  21. The Studio Director assumes all liability for damages and loss of Library owned equipment and any injury caused to anyone in the Maker Space Studio and agrees to pay for all damages.
  22. All costs to repair or replace broken equipment will be charged to the Studio Director’s Library card account. The option to repair or replace equipment will be made at the sole discretion of the Library.
  23. The Studio Director, Operators, and Talent must follow the posted library code of conduct at all times. Excessive loudness, profanity, and other inappropriate actions may result in termination of the studio session.
  24. At its sole discretion, the Anderson Public Library may temporarily or permanently suspend access to the Maker Space Studio for persons who fail to follow the established rules and regulations, guidelines, or instruction from library staff members. If the perceived or actual violation is considered a safety hazard or threat to anyone inside or outside of the Maker Space Studio, use of the studio will be immediately terminated at Library staff’s discretion. Library staff also reserves the right to end or pause a session for any reason.

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