Memory Lab

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What is the Memory Lab?

The Memory Lab is a collection of equipment for converting different kinds of recordings, videos, pictures, and documents from throughout the years to digital files that can be stored on a USB drive or SD card.

Media Formats

  • Video8, Hi8, Digital8
  • DVCAM, DV, Mini-DV, HDV
  • 8mm & Super8 film
  • Betamax
  • Photos, Letters, Documents
  • Slides and Negatives
  • CD, Cassette
  • Microcassette, Mini-Cassette
  • Reel-to-Reel Audio Tape
  • Vinyl Records (33 1/3, 45, & 78 rpm)

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How Do I Use the Memory Lab?

Temporary Change in Memory Lab Procedures

Due to the COVID pandemic, we are temporarily encouraging Library Members to drop off their materials to be digitized by Library Employees. If you are an experienced Memory Lab user, or would prefer to use the Memory Lab equipment and digitize your own materials, fill out the Information Request Form below.

Step 1: Clean and Organize Your Materials

  • Wipe away dust.
  • Please do not include items that are moldy, musty, fragile, or damaged.
  • Group similar items together. Secure loose items with plastic bags or rubber bands.

Step 2: Make a List of Your Items

  • Label items like VHS tapes so they can be easily identified (“School Play 1995” or “VHS 1”).
  • Make a list of your items.
  • Include a copy with your materials, and keep a copy for your own records.

Step 3: Print and Sign Waiver/Release Form

Step 4: Provide a Digital Storage Device

  • Provide one or more new or used USB drives or SD cards to store the digital versions of your materials.
  • Storage drives should hold at least 64 GB of data.
  • We recommend backing up files and emptying previously used storage drives before submitting them, in case the files are accidentally erased or the drive has to be reformatted in the file transfer process. The Library will not be responsible for any files previously stored on drives submitted to the Memory Lab.

Step 5: Drop Off Your Materials at the Library

  • Put your materials, list, digital storage device(s), and signed waiver in a box or bag and bring to the Library Circulation Desk, or get Curbside Service.
  • We will contact you when your materials and digital copies are ready to pick up.

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  • All media will be inspected to ensure compatibility and condition. The Library reserves the right to reject any materials it judges potentially damaging to Memory Lab equipment.
  • The Library will makes its best efforts to respect member privacy but it is not guaranteed. Do not submit materials that contain sensitive content, nudity, or criminal activity.
  • Video and Audio are converted to digital in real time or slower. A three hour video will take three hours or more to convert. The Library will do its best to digitize submitted materials and return them to members in a timely manner, but cannot guarantee a certain turnaround time for submitted materials.

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