Memory Lab Equipment Guide

Media FormatEquipmentInstructional PDF
Video8, Hi8, Digital8Video8/Hi8/Digital8 Instructions
Microcassette, Mini CassetteMicro/Mini-Cassette Instructions
Stack of same-sized photosFastFotoScanner Instructions
Framed photo or document, scrapbook pageDoxie Scanner Instructions
Photos or documentsFlatbed Scanner Instructions
BetamaxBetamax Instructions
8mm, Super8 Film Reels8mm/Super8 Scanner Instructions
Audio CassetteAudio Cassette Instructions
DV, HDV, Mini-DVHDV/DV/Mini-DV Instructions
Reel to Reel AudioReel to Reel Instructions
Photo Negatives, Film SlidesSlide Scanner Instructions
Vinyl Record (33 1/3, 45, & 78 RPM)Vinyl Record Instructions

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