MakerSpace Studio

The Anderson Public Library’s MakerSpace Studio is a functional space to allow Library members to use various types of audio and visual recording equipment to produce digital works of their own. It is the perfect space to record videos or take still photos utilizing studio quality equipment.

Uses of the MakerSpace Studio

The MakerSpace Studio is meant to record videos or take still photos. For videos, it is intended for short video productions that do not need loud audio recording capabilities. Music or musical instruments cannot be recorded in the studio. All work done in the studio must be done by the library member using the room as library staff cannot record or take photos for members. Video or photo editing is currently not available.

How to Reserve the Studio

Follow the link below to reserve a session in the MakerSpace.

Available Equipment

The following equipment is available to use in the studio:

  • Two Panasonic GH4 digital cameras
  • Black Backdrop
  • White Backdrop
  • Green (Chroma) Backdrop
  • Two Sets of Headphones
  • Two Sets of Studio Lights
  • Two Tripods
  • Ring Lights and Phone Stands
  • Camera Slider
  • Two Shotgun Mics (Audio-Technica AT875)
  • Audio Boom Stands
  • Audio Recorder (Tascam DR-701D)

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