Summer’s Over, Now What?

Summer Reading is over, so that means all the fun programs have come to an end, right? Wrong!

Though we will be taking a short break from youth programming in August, there will be programs for all ages throughout the school year as well! Maybe not as many as in the summer, but there will be programs. What programs exactly? Well, we’re still working on that. Some things to look forward to are Library Card Sign-Up Month in September, family programs every day of Fall Break, Teen Advisory Board (TAB), and Dinovember. Some other ideas we’re kicking around are Lego Club, Anime Club, STEM programs, Life Skills for Teens, Career Days, and more. If you have suggestions, let us know! Please take a moment to complete this short survey: While we can’t make any guarantees, we’d certainly welcome the feedback. We expect this year will be a lot of trial and error as we figure out what works.

As we plan things we will add them to the calendar, so keep checking!

And of course the library still has lots of great books, and getting new ones every month! So make the library part of your routine year-round, not just for the summer. We get lonely otherwise!