What is “Dinovember”??

If you’ve been in the kids’ section of the library recently, or follow our social media, you may have noticed that dinosaurs have taken over. You may have even been a bit confused and wondered “Dinosaurs? Why dinosaurs? Why now?” Well, why not?

Dinovember” was started several years ago by Refe and Susan Tuma just as a fun thing for their own children. Each night while the kids slept, the Tumas would create sometimes elaborate scenes with their kids’ toy dinosaurs, as though they had come to life and gotten into mischief while the family slept; sometimes they were nice, but more often on the naughty side. The Tumas shared photos on social media, which were quickly shared and re-shared, until “Dinovember” became a thing. Other parents were inspired to do the same thing for their kids, and it wasn’t long before librarians also picked up on the wonder that is Dinovember, especially dinosaur fanatics like Ms. Jennifer (she’d do dinosaurs year-round if we’d let her)!

Our interpretation of Dinovember includes pictures of all the mischief our dinosaurs get into at night posted on social media, along with dinosaur-related programs and activities. So please follow our dinosaurs’ escapades on Facebook, and bring the kids to our various dinosaur-themed programs throughout November. We had a Dinosaur Stomp for the younger kids and a vote on the favorite dinosaur earlier this week, and we’ll soon be having a paleontology-inspired STEM program for elementary aged kids, and an all-day dinosaur egg hunt for all kids! Plus, dinosaur books on display, coloring and activity sheets available every day, on-going scavenger hunts that are changed weekly, and toy dinosaurs to play with! But don’t worry, we will also have “Turkey Tales” on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving! For all events and details, please check our online events calendar at https://aplkentucky.libnet.info/events.